Sustainable Recycling and Recovery



To recover recyclates and produce a range of sustainable fuels the Orchid process is divided into four simple process flow steps.


Waste Feed Preparation

Household waste is tipped from collection vehicles into the reception hall, inspected and bulky items removed. Waste is loaded into a rotating screen (trommel) and separated into -150mm and +150mm streams. The +150mm then passes to a shredder. Both streams are then conveyed to a mixing (homogeneous) stockpile ready for the next stage.

Orchid Process

The mixed waste is ram fed continuously into the rotating wet preparation drum where it is agitated, conditioned and moisture added and evenly distributed. The waste is then ram fed into the patented Orchid Processor (a rotary hot air dryer). This further agitates the moist waste and a steamy environment is generated which sanitises all materials including metals, plastics, glass and rubble. The cellulose fibres from paper, cardboard, food and green waste ('organics') are transformed into a fibrous unrefined biomass fuel - intermixed with the other products.

Post Treatment Separation

Having been screened into two size fractions, +50mm and -50mm, both streams are now subject to a whole series of mechanical and physical separation processes resulting in distinct products - ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, mixed plastics - sent to reprocessors and a small amount of residues sent to landfill. Plastic film and large card recovered is granulated and eventually blended in with the fuel. The unrefined fuel, together with glass and stones/fines is then passed to stage four.

Biomass Density Separator

The unrefined fuel from stage three which contains bits of plastics, broken glass and stones/rubble is then subjected to a patented separation and blending process to take out impurities and take out or leave in/add more plastic to meet the specific needs of combustion processes such as co-firing in power station boilers, fluidised bed boilers, gasification, pyrolysis, and cement kilns.

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