Technology creating sustainable, low cost alternative fuels


process technology


Orchid has developed a range of patented technologies to recover and recycle commodities and to produce a range of sustainable fuels for the production of green heat energy, renewable electricity and low carbon road transport fuels.


Process Lines

The Orchid processor drum creates a steamy environment that both sanitises and fragments the organic materials from the metals, plastics, glass and rubble. The organics (card, paper and green waste) are transformed into a dry unrefined biomass fuel

Traditional Separation Equipment

The fragmented wastes are subject to a series of processes that removes ferrous metals and alloys like aluminium cans and large plastic bottles

Biomass Density Separators

The biomass density separators extract the remaining glass, rubble and plastics from the organics. Fuels from different parts of the process are then blended to achieve the required fuel specification

Control Room

The Orchid process is computer controlled from a central control room

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